De-Ambering Your Taillights

Here's an easy mod that will subtly set your WJ apart from a stocker

Here's a step by step if anyone is interested.  (This is on a 2000 WJ)  Some like the look, some don't - doesn't make it faster or make it wheel any better, but it's a minor bit of easy customization.  Gotta be a little different.

Here's the victim:

Stock Taillight

I taped off everything except the offending amber area:

Taped Off

I hit it with some 600 grit to givve the paint something to bite into:

Light Sanding

I cleaned everything up with some Prep-Sol:

Clean off all residue

I used Testors #1605 Transparent Candy Apple:

Testors Candy Red

Painted and drying (I hit them with two semi light coats).  Don't go too thick:


On the Jeep:

Dry and Installed

Overall shot:

Overall Shot

This only took maybe an hour and a half including paint drying time.  Definitely only 1-banana on the difficulty scale.

Here's how it looks at night:

Night Shot 1

Night Shot 2

Gallery: Deamber Tails (WJ)

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