Installing the Mopar iPod adapter with a RB1 Nav Radio with the iPod stored in the Center Console

Like many, I didn't like the idea of the iPod being in the tiny glove box, so I thought I'd go a different route.

**For the record, you can use the Mopar iPod adapter with the Mopar Sirius and the Mopar changer.  You don't lose any functionality, only gain!  Hitting the CD/Aux button will toggle through the input of the Sirius, CD changer, iPod, and Aux input (if active) that is part of the iPod integration package.**

I ordered a p/n 82209616AC from Wyckoff in NJ .  Be advised - anyone looking to buy these, they are "vendor ship" items which means the ordering dealer has no control over delivery time.  At least that is what my local dealer told me.  I called Wyckoff before ordering off their website to be sure they actually had these items in stock.  I've made it easier for you - just click the Amazon link to the left and help the site.

This is a pretty simple for anyone who has dove into popping a few interior panels here and there in their WJ.  It's all plug and play, so there is NOTHING to be afraid of...

Start off by pulling your negative battery cable off of the battery.  This is more of a better safe than sorry move more than anything.  With all the electronics on the WJ, you never know...

Here's my RB1 (thing on the left holds my Razr holster):

With a nice smooth putty knife (I normally uuse a plastic one, but I couldn't find it), pry the radio bezel out.  It is held in with spring clips, so it will pop out - you have to work your way around the trim, from the right where my putty knife is going counter clockwise.

After I get it started, I pull it out with my fingers.

Note where the (4) clips are in this pic (they fit in the red felt stuff)

Next step is to pop the bottom section of the dash.  I've converted my 2000 to the 2004 lower dash, so mine just pops out with no screws (can't remember if the old 00 dash had screws or not)  I chose to leave the HVAC controls in place.  I think there is enough space to snake the cables past it without removing it.

Pop the cupholder and the little rubber tray from in front of the shifters out.  You will find 4 screws to remove.

Inside the console are two more screws in the bottom of the black insert.  Remove these - but you aren't done yet...  When you remove the black insert, you will expose the rear cupholder beneath it.  Only remove the screw in the center, in front of the cupholder.  The rest of the screws you see are holding the cupholder together - they do not hold the console down. 

Slide the rear cupholder out and you will expose the two remaining screws that hold the console down.

Slip the 4WD lever into 4WD to give yourself some room.  I left my trans in Park, but it would be easier if it were in reverse or neutral.  Lift the consoole up as shown and set it aside.

Now is a good time to clean the grunge out of your transmission selector trim plate and vac those old fries out of there. Yuck!

Remove the 4 screws holding the radio in and pull the radio.  I like to plug in the components to make sure everything works prior to running all the wires and tucking things away.  Recconnect the battery for a test - disconnect it after the test.

This is what I got when I first plugged it in:

After I was sure everything was working, I pulled the right side panel between the radio stack and the glove box.  There are three screws at the top of this panel exposed when you open the glove box door.  It will then be able to pulled off - much like the radio trim.  I then snaked the small plug and wire that was in the back of my RB1 down to the bottom of the dash and also ran the new cable up to the radio.  There is alot of room on the right side of the HVAC controls, especially when the side panel is removed..

This is some of the airhandling that is temporarily in the way of mounting the iPod interface box.  Pull the carpet back and disconnect it as shown.  It takes a little force to pull it apart just because of the path of the duct.

Here's the interface box in place.  It is a snug fit and I opted to forego the doublestick tape/velcro.

Here it is with the air duct back in place:

...and the side panel:

Here's the path I routed the iPod cable:  You can wire-tie it to the existing bundle running down the driver side.  This keeps it out of the shifter pretty effectively.

Time to button up the console and the dash.  Here's how I mounted the iPod in the bottom of the center console.  This is temporary for now, I plan to make more of a form-fitting mount with a false bottom for the console to hide/protect the iPod.  For now, I cut a hole in the back of the console insert and ran the cable into it.  I drilled two holes in the bottom of the console so I could affix the cable in place with a wire-tie. 

Here's the final product:

(I did have to cut a little plastic at the back of the console for wiring clearance - nothing that can be seen when the consol is back together though...)

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